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Dakota Rods and Classics Officers and Staff
January 1st, 2018
Role Name Term Expiration
President Warren Pfenning 2018
Vice President Dennis Torres 2018
Secretary Pam Thompson 2019
Treasurer Gloria McGough 2018
Board of Directors
Role Name Term Expiration
Chairman Warren Pfenning 2018
Board Member Tom Cantral 2019
Board Member Dan McGough 2019
Board Member Dean Walters 2018
Board Member Mac Coldwell 2018
Role Name Term Expiration
Membership Kelsey Ball 2018
Historian Dianna Meeker 2018
Historian Co-Chair Larry Lehr 2018
Merchandise Chairperson Al Vogele 2018
Webmaster Pamela Davis 2018
Social Media Coordinator Dan McGough 2018
Entertainment & Activity Al Vogele 2018
Food Committee Gloria McGough, Jayne Pfenning, Dianna Meeker, Kathy Johnson, Marcia Miller, Tom Cantral, Dennis Torres 2019
Car Show Committee Dan McGough, Dennis Torres, Al Vogele, Tom Cantral, Clint Hall, Warren Pfenning, Mark Thompson, Joe Hecker, William Huston, Gerald Tomac, Marcia Miller, Travis Ness 2019

Dakota Rods and Classics
P.O. Box 1506
Rapid City, SD 57709-1506